Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pucker up for Summer

According to InStyle, one of summer's biggest make up trends will include hot pink lips.
Wowza ! Since summer is all about colors, carefree times, and fun, these lips will match many different occasions. Even if it's just a quick trip to Coffee Bean, or whether you're invited to a fabulous soiree, this is something you can be wearing all summer.

Katy Perry shown here with hot pink lips, paired with a fabulous smile. (credit InStyle)

I'm thinking her make up artist probably
a. put on a bright lip stick, & added clear gloss
b. or just put on a bright gloss.

Some products to get this look ;

Maniac Longwearing Lipstick, by Sephora. ($6-$12)
It comes in many colors; the brightest, "Iridescent Magenta" is only $6 dollars, but the rest are $12. It has a hint of glitter too; perfect for anything ! For the other people who want to try out this trend, but aren't ready for the full punch hot pink, try this lipstick, but in a more delicate color like "Berry Mauve Shimmer"

Philosophy Let Go, Let Love Lime Lip Gelato ($12)
A plain clear gloss that is not only versatile, but also great for moisturizing.
Philosophy lip gloss is great, and never lets me down !

So , readers, what do you think of this new found trend? Comment below !

xoxo Francesca ♥


13goingon47 said...

I like hot pink lips, but I think it's a bit bright for our age. I'm sticking with pale glosses this summer.

xx Lizzi

CoutureChic! said...

hmmm idk its kinda outthere for girls like middleschoolers, i like my hotpink gloss, not lighthotpink lipsticck

lindsay said...

i like it a lot paired with a retro / glam look like katy's; but idk if i'd try it for everyday. and call me crazy but i think that color makes a lot of people's teeth look yellow lmao.

Kaela said...

I love pink lips.!! Just got a nice lipstick from Sephora.