Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Weekly Tres Chic!

Introducing a new feature, which I like to call The Weekly Tres Chic!

Basically, it will be one or two items that I am really into this week. They will be Tres Chic, as the french say, & like I said, it will be weekly. Remember to comment about them! Your thoughts on the item[s], if you own it, or have something like it. Whatever it is, I will happily read it.

This week's Tres Chic items;

ALICE + OLIVIA "Taylor Tiered Dress"
at chickdowntown.com, $484

I love this piece. First, the layers of subtle ruffles are perfect for someone like me. Also, I've loving the soft fade from a baby pink, to a white. If I had this in my closet, I would pair it with darkwash skinnies, and a pair of silver flats, matching silver bangles, and a hippie headband around my head. To wrap it all off, a big brown leather bag with tassels, a big trend this season.

Gotta go now. Comment!

xo Francesca ♥

P.S. Does anybody know how to get the mark thingie-symbol above the "e" in "tres"?

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Stacy and Casey said...

Lol how about the Weekly Pat???