Monday, May 4, 2009

inspired is the word of the day.

Shoutout to JSS! [: Love you. Keep on being fabulous!

Sorry I haven't blogged in over a week!
Last week was a giant flurry mess of homework, drama, and craziness. Hopefully, things this week will get about a million times better. But with the teachers pestering us and being down our necks for standarized testing prep, hopefully I'll make it through.

& Have you heard? Alexander Wang, along with Vena Cava [check out the second designer in this month's Teen Vogue.] are making clothing lines for GAP. I'm super ecstatic, I mean, come on. The H&M and Target things were getting old. [Although I do have to say, I hope Matthew Williamson for H&M will be good, as I was dissapointed in Alexander McQueen's Target collection. But anyways... here's a picture of a fabulous khaki mortocucle jacket, as a preview. Thank you Teen Vogue!

You know, this just might be my new spring jacket.
LINK - - >

And lastly, I've been feeling super inspired lately.
I cannot wait to go spring shopping!

My top five stores I want to visit for spring & summer are-

1. Urban Outfitters
2. J. Crew
3. dELiAs*
4. Century 21
5. uhh. I'm not sure. But 5 is a better number than 4. No offence, 4.

What do you think of the jacket? Are you excited? Do other designer lines for places like H&M appeal to you?And what are your favorite spring stores you want to shop at persistently until the store manager kicks you out at 11:00?

Thanks for reading.
xo Francesca ♥


Lizzi said...

I did my current event on the Alexander Wang/Vena Cava line!

Cathy said...

Haha! That's soo cool how they're making a GAP line! I got my teen vogue for this month too but i didnt read it very much :)

Francesca said...

l- sweeet! [:
c- i know, i'll be the first on in line.. & yes i see [: it was extremely eco-ish. but who can they blame. it was earth day!

Anonymous said...

hey. im not sure the jacket is really that cool for young girls. it is nice but you might want to be a little older to waet that. i really like it thought<33

Stacy and Casey said...

Its Rebecca
When you said drama and craziness, i hope that u didn't mean Chelsea, cause she would get mad. It would be funny if you did mean her though. ;)

Sofia said...

i looove the jacket. it's THAT thing which adds nice little twist to any outfit