Saturday, May 23, 2009

i'm making you a thief. a fashionable one.

Of course, we all know that Lauren Conrad is probably one of the chic-est dressers in all of Los Angeles. I think her style is usually trendy-boho, with a hint of classiness. She is usually seen with her signature little braid, big sunglasses, and a nice big Chanel bag in black. Man, there isn't one girl who doesn't want to be like her!

She even has her own clothing line, appropriately called "Lauren Conrad". Now, I love the trendy and super-cute items that are from the line, but I must say (and I speak for many fashionistas out there!!) that her line is pretty darn over-priced. For some things, like a basic black cami, can run up to 89.99. That's a whole lot, when you can get the same thing for 2.50 at Forever 21. (Yes! Right now, all plain spaghetti strap camis are only 2.50, and they come in a whole line of scrumptious colors. Eat them up while you can !) The good news, though, is that she is releasing a line for Kohl's in October. Lets keep our french-manicured fingers crossed that it'll actually have nice items, contrary to Alexander McQueen for Target. (Sorry, but that wasn't the best, Mr. McQueen!)

Here is one of my favorite oufit of hers. You can get the same look for much less.

Yay for the high-waisted skirt!

First, you start with your basic top. Like Lauren's, this has a lower neckline than most tops, which adds a little extra hautee. ( Fab Fitted V-Neck Tee, 4.50 at Forever 21) And since we don't need to steal the absolute exact shirt, you can change up the color a bit; this shirt is also offered in purple, yellow, coral, and many more.

And what would the outfit be without the little classy but haute black ruffle skirt ? This number, from Topshop, is a bit shorter than her skirt, which might be pretty hard to find. I'm not sure of the price, but because this is from Topshop, it probably isn't a lot you'll have to splurge on. I personally love Lauren's skirt piece the best, out of her whole outfit. I would be pretty hard to find a better match for this outfit.

Look, it's a pair of Mary Jane patent black heels ! Lauren's heels aren't platform, like the one I'm showing you, but there aren't that many choices for this specific style of shoe. I found this baby at , for 24.99. I'm sure you can find them at other places, maybe Forever 21?

Lauren can always be seen wearing a fabulous pair of sunglasses; whether it's a pair of sleek aviators, or funky circle shaped a la Olsens, you can always count on her for the newest trend in shades. She is wearing angled, deep brown sunglasses, but you can change it to any style you want. I like Wayfarers, and I can also pull off round Olsen-esque sunglasses, because they look the best on my oval face. Choose accordingly; this site is pretty good guide. . My best tip is to go in stores like Forever 21, because they have a wide selection and try on the different types and styles to see which one suits your face.

Lastly, LC is wearing some simple and sweet accessories. She has on a delicate gold chain necklace, a metallic bracelet, and a black bag. You can definitely update your outfit with some things that are more you; maybe you want a hee-ugee black hobo, or a tiny black clutch. Maybe you'll pass the delicate girly chain, and opt for a wooden beaded necklace. Whatever you do, just keep it you.

Hope you liked! Comment. What do you think of LC's style?

xoxo Francesca ♥

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Très Belle said...

I love LC for springy/summer looks
and balir+serena for the winter prep/ hawt look lol