Saturday, January 31, 2009

Waiting For the Sun!

Its been a long time since I've worn shorts, felt happy, and was actually... warm. (Gasp!)
I love snow, hot cocoa, sledding, and scarves, but it's been a couple of months already. I'm done with winter, and ready for spring to come along.

This spring/summer, I've been dying for a pair of delicate gladiator sandals to wear.
Something like... this;

These are great, but a little too delicate for me.

I like the style of these a lot, but I wouldn't want a pair with teal design.. Again, I'm looking for something I can wear constantly.

Now we're talking! These are pretty cute, and only twenty dollars, but I would prefer them to be a bit more brown and leathery.

Also... I have to find the perfect pair of sunglasses.
I'm think a cross between glamourous Pradas, with a hint of Wayfarers into them.
Tough, I know, but hopefully I'll be able to get the perfect pair<3

A U R E V O i R!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


busssy (: homework, school, the musical, && etc..

---> [EBAY!]
My newfound loove.
My friend L. recently e-mailed me 3 things from YSL, Chanel, & Marc Jacobs.
All were [and are currently] under 12 dollars. A scarf, bag, and a brooch! Unbelieveable!!

---> [CUTE. BAG. NON?]

I'll be updating more this weekend.
Au revoir my lovelies (: [borrowed ATM from L!]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Odd. Very odd.

Odd. Very odd.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Psttt; mah blog is now becoming a more random one (:
Just rants, collections, controversies, gossip,
cute clothes, horrible clothes, new models, etc.

Have you ever noticed that Abercrombie & Fitch is more expensive than Abercrombie?
And now with the economy and everything, their prices are getting quite ridiculous.
That skimpy top above is 70 DOLLARS. That's right, 70 DOLLARS. && I know there are people with more money to spend in this world, but if you're going to spend a lot of money, please don't waste it on tissue-thin tank tops that are smaller than my bathroom towels. *Note; I like abercrombie a lot, but somethings are just ridiculous. I'd much rather spend 70 dollars on Juicy Couture :0
I just lovelovelove! this perfume. If I could live on only two perfumes for the rest of my life, it would be this, && my new found love, as of this weekend, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. [More on that later!] This perfume is just fabulous. MaDame smells sweet, but with a perfect edge to it as well. This is a great perfume for fabulous darlings who aren't afraid to grab attention (: ilyyy<3 size="1">*If you want to smell it, you can find it in Cosmo Girl, as well as Macy's counters. Probably other department stores too (:
Michelle Obama is just ahmazing. Not is only is she a great mother, & going to be involved in politics alongside with her husband, she has great style! This is fabulous look; the purple is a great color for everyone. The cardigan is just so sophisticated, & I just looove pearls, yes I do. The belt is such a great touch, it adds a "BAMM" to the outfit (: <3

Such a cute Marc Jacobs tank top (: Right now, this is 95 dollars at Net-A-Porter, one of my favorite designer stocked sites. This top is so cute, it's perfect of a day of school in spring, with a cardigan and shorts. What the heck, go the Blair way and add a headband (:

That's all for today, loves. Thanks for reading.
Remember to comment! ♥

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ellie Saab Is Looove [♥]

Dedicated for all of the wonderful fashionistas out there
who are more into the "luxe" thing (;

I stumbled upon Ellie Saab and his designs around a year or so...
aand let me tell you; it has been a wonderful thing.

His designs are always different and very clever; but elegant and sophisticated too.
This was his fall collection, I just loove the dresses.

This one screams "me"!! I love the one shoulder top, & the colors is gorgeous.
The detailing at the bottom is to die for, reminds me of Marc Jacobs campaign for his perfume.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Wowza! How hawt is this dress? Firstly, the model is soooo gorgeous. I have yet to capture her name! Well, again with the one shoulderline thing; it's beautiful. I love the color of this dress, very elegant aaand chic. The fabric and textures are so beautiful, very Paris-Ballroom-Dancing (: Huge, beautiful, and just amazing in general.

So, I'm calling this a one shoulder dress, but looks at those 2 extra straps, what do you think? (:
The colors, a somewhat of a wine color, looks stunning. The soft, flowy fabric placed on top of is is genius, I can definitely imagine it in Vogue. J'adore the straps at the top, how silky and fabulously glam are they? I looove shiny satin stuff like thaat (: This dress is so pretty, probably my dream prom gown in my senior year<3

Oh my lordie, how can you say no this this stunner? The detailing at the top is simply ahmazing, aaand I don't think it's very describable, non? I love the crystal accents, and again with the who one shoulder thing (: This top is beautiful, beautiful beautiful beautiful! I wish I could marry it.. I love the rest, very dreamy and reminds of Cinderalla gone edgy-chic. Beautiful, okay?