Monday, December 21, 2009

whaaaat's that? hermes you got there? pffffttttttt.

today during French class we were learning about the Chrismas activities the lovely French do. We watched this video of some icky tourist person around Paris, talking about the stuff they have. There were moments where he was talking about the French like small boutiques rather than the big obnoxious department stores like Lord & Taylor, with evil saleswomen who peer pressure you into buying that DKNY skirt. There was a moment of a group of VERYY chicly dressed women peering into an Hermes shop window. I found the picture online!

That was the store, but obviously, that is only one woman and she just has a black coat on. Durrrrr.

Me and my very chic and awesometastic french teacher started gushing over it, and talking about the cute miny Birkin bags and the pretty scarf we really needed. Man, I love her. She's so fun and nice to talk to!

But yeaaaaaaaahhh.

Just thought I should share.

(xo) Francesca

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

k-dawggg- also known as karl lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld shot some photos for the Marie Claire calender. I love them with a passion.
By the way... any French speakers out there? I learned a while back that "quart", which means "quarter", is pronounced "karr". Everytime she says it, I say, or a friend does, I immediately think of the coold dude we all know that wears tuxes with sunglasses all the time.

yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. 'nuff said.

have a great night!
xx francesca

Sunday, December 13, 2009

pre fall fashions - hit & miss list

yay. I really like pre-fall fashions, mainly because it's extremely interesting to see what designers have in store for us this fall. Plus, it's great from the usual -spring clothes- in the brisk cold fall type of thing, which in this case, is actually clothes in weather where you would NEED warm clothes. make any sense?

LOVELOVELOVE-Jason Wu / He's one of my favorite designers. This is the first time he's worked with leather, so all the pieces should be pretty much a piece of living inspiration. And this particular dress is my favorite. It's very girlish, with the short hemmed dress, but just take a look at the gunmetal-ness of it all! I want this dress so bad, you don't even know...

Rag & Bone / another favorite designer brand of mine. I like their more colorful pieces, like the blue-ish dress a model wore at the Met Ball a while back, but this piece is pretty cool, you have to say. Their whole collection is all tight pants, basic top, but it was based on their consumers. Being veryyyy ready-to-wear and useful was a key in their collection.

Caroline Herrera / Finally, some color! Herrera herself said that she wanted it light, airy, fun, and more, with inspiration from the TWENTIES. that's right, the TWENTIES! [I just watched Singin' In the Rain, best. costuming. EVER.] I love this so much, veryveryvery chic.

MHMMMM-Narcisco Rodriguez / This outfit is boring, I don't like a lot. A lot of his other stuff was kinda boring, blah, put perfect for wrinkly librarians. I also don't think the shape of this outfit really suits anybody.

Zero + Maria Cornejo / Let's get straight to the point- honestly, who is going to wear it? I do give major kudos to it for being unique, but I personally think it's just working here. Not many celebrities or just consumers, really, want to wear a baggy dress.


P.S. What do you think of all these outfits, collections, styles, etc?

Friday, December 11, 2009

chic gifts for the chic darlingg.

holy noodles!
holy french fries!
holy shizz!
holy glitter!
holy muffins!
holy hotcakes!
holy confetti!

However you may be or surprised or however you say it, Christmas is coming up in 24 days. whoahhh. I know. Where has time gone by?
So if you're like me, and still have to buy some presents for people, I hope this is going to help.

you know 'em aand love 'em. the girl who is always looking gorgeous, with perfect make up, and a certain poise. plus, she's an invidual with a great fashion aesthetic. what to get ?

- make up !
although somethings, like blemish concealer could be quite offending, most make up items work. a surefire hit is a lip gloss, the universal make up gift. you can get a nice high end one, like Dior, or choose a drugstore version and buy either more or something else. Other things that are great to buy for make up- eyeshadow pallettes, especially the Coastal Scents 88 Color palette, or blushes. I'm especially fond of blushes, because they give your face a fresh burst of color.
**NOTE** a great website for beauty-licious STEALS is

YSL Eyeshadow Duo- retails for $45, but on beautyticket? Only $19.99!

- the little chic notebook
Every fashionista should have a little notebook. It can be to make lists of her favorite fall collections, or a wishlist of things to do next summer. Nowadays, so many places have cheap yet adorable options. My favorite place would be Target. With a great school supply selection, you're bound to find something adorable.
On the other hand, how cute is this Coach planner?

- a scarf .
I can't tell you how much I would love it if I got some scarves for Christmas. Even if they aren't the silky Hermes type, who cares?! It's cold as heck outside, and right now warmth beats fashion by a longgggg way. Unless someone actually buys me one... But anyways, scarves are great because anyone can wear them in million of ways, and they are actually useful. Plus, no worrying about sizes! I like Forever 21 scarves a lot, for they are cheap AND chic. brava!The perfect scarf. Warm cute cheap chic adorable AND all of the above.

some misscaleaneous ideas ;
= slippers and Godiva hot chocolate equals cozy and warm.
= don't get a spa at home kit thing- tacky and really should be the individuals choice.
= shirt from their favorite store- especially if the store is far away, it shows that you listen & care.
= a book or magazines.
= a perfume they especially gab about a lawt.
= album of photos from good times. <3

Have a lovely holiday!
xoxx Francesca

Friday, December 4, 2009

my top iconic and amazing bags .

Even if I may be using a chain store, found-at-Urban Outfitters Deux Lux bag doesn't mean that I can't have an appreciation for high end designers bags. Just think of how classic, timeless, and chic they'll be! Buying sequined tank tops are trendy, but a Chanel 2.55? As you can see, some things just never go out of style. By the way, kindess is ALWAYS in style. *cough*MEANGIRLSATMYSCHOOL*cough**cough*

Here is a are two my favorites that I would DIE to own.

Ta-da, the ever so classic and French Chanel 2.55.
First made in the 1920's, this bag was made after mademoisselle Coco Chanel herself began tired of using clutches that would only make her arms busier. Thus, the created this bad, which debut on the market in 1929. In 1955, she updated it, and the house of Chanel re-debut it in 2005. Now, many stars in Hollywood are seen with this enviable bag, from LC to Nicole Richie.

bam ! I bring to you the fashionable Louis Vuitton Speedy 35.
It's a bit different from the other LV bags, seeing as it isn't plastered with LV all over it, with the signature shade of brown as well. It's a bit more modern, and super easy to work with. Just toss it in your bag and baby, you can go, go, gooooo.

love you ! xxxx francesca