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Friday, February 12, 2010

he may be gone, but we'll remember him always.

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen.
He was found dead yesterday in his home.

I'd rather not talk about the details.

He himself is gone, but I know that he won't be forgotten/


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

too much snow, not enough couture .

Goodness gracious,
what is with all of this snow? I can't believe it, I have about a foot and a half of snow where I live. Earlier in the day, I went sledding with my friends, and then we had a make up contest. In five minutes, we had to make a Lady Gaga look. I won. Oh yeah, I know.

Since there's so much snow right now, I think I'll be ironic and talk about spring fashion!
Well, hello gorgeous. There are MJ shoes like this that Lizzi from 13 Going on 47 showed me last year, in ironically enough, spring! They were more jelly like, where as these babies look like a suede-like material, with a sticky plastic-canvas material that only a genius shoe designer would know the name of. The Marc Jacobs were unfortunately, about a gazillion dollars, but these are $38! I think they'd look great with a simple outfit. Plus, not one person at my school will have them. Unless, of course, Marc Jacobs flys to our town to obviously meet his awesome fan Lizzi that has great style. Then, he'll give them to her, and I'll be forced to steal them.

Hey Thakoon Panichgul, you're wonderful. Awesome print top? Check. Colorful trousers? Check. Kick-ass shoewear? SCORE! This is such a great ensemble, I love the pop of the pants against the top. Plus, he obviously designed the shoes with yours truely in mind. Man oh man, me, him, Marcie-poooooo, Karl-dawg, and Lady Gaga would make a FANTASTIC group.

' by the way, that was total sarcasm. Karl is Karl Lagerfeld, not "dawg", and I'm nowhere as close enough to Marc Jacobs to call him that. Maybe one day, though...


going to go happy dance now,

xox francesca.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fashion is an art.

You know what I realized?

Take the kids who are obsessed with Abercrombie. (I don't hate Abercrombie, I do hate their logo tees, though.) The ones who wear only clothing from there or clothing that looks like it's from there. Skinny jeans, UGGs, (and the occasional Coach sneaker- gasp!) and a top. They only only ony only only only only only only only only and ONLY shop at Abercrombie, hollister, etc.

Now, take us. The fashion foward, cool kids. We shop all over place. We own a pair of designer flats, and we also own a thrift store sweater. We have GAP shopping bags in our room, but take the time to look at Lanvin's newest spring collection. Our outfits change on a daily basis, and we mix it up. From bright tights to distressed denim, we go with the flow and wear different things. We have a extreme love for fashion, yet we are able to shop at different stores. The Abercrombie zombies only shop at around 4 or 5 stores, and no where else. They can't risk wearing anything from Forever 21. We can, though. I could name at least 10 stores I like to shop at.

I just thought that was interesting. About how we love fashion, we worship it and obsess (yeaah!) over it. Yet it's the people who constrict to a basic uniform every day who are the supposedly "picky" choosers, who shop at certain stores. I'm not going to lie, I used to love Abercrombie. Gosh, I feel so stupid. Especially with some of it's expensive prices, I feel so bad for my parents that I said abercrombie was my favorite store to shop at. I didn't demand to shop there though, thank goodness, I shopped at Old Navy too. But now that I'm a biitttt more older and wiser, I'm so thankful I can shop at a variety of stores.

Plus, fashion should make you stand out. You should have confidence to rock your crazy outfit, despite your best friends who are in love with Abercrombie mocking you. Last year some of my friends constantly talked about my "weird" outfits. (Hey... even if you say it's weird, at least it's not BORING AND THE SAME AS EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON IN OUR SCHOOL! OHHH SNAP.)

So yeah.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

what's that, you say? A V-LOG?

Hey everybody!
If you like the V-Log,
comment. It will make my day. xoxo

Monday, January 11, 2010

the best title ever !

Marc Jacobs always has very interesting advertisements. When I flip through my Teen Vogue magazines and see one of these babies, I must stare at it for a straight 5 minutes or so. Stalkerish? Of course not. Jealousy? Ohhhhhhh yes. Here are a couple of my favorites!

You know, if I'm ever a fashion designer when I'm older, I have to get good advertisements or I'm going to be so embarrassed when I pick up a Vogue and my advertisement is right after on of his advertisements.

xo Francesca

Friday, January 8, 2010

dear spring, I love you and miss you. Kisses, Francesca.

How unbelievably perfect are these shorts?
Very, I tell you. AND PERFECT FOR THE MONTHS COMING UP, COUGH COUGH SPRING. (no, pshhh, this is soo not a hint to hurry up and come already!) I'm so sick of this dreadful winter weather and all this silly white stuff they call snow. It falls, it looks pretty, then it melts away and DIES. I'm sure I'll live somewhere warm in the future.

I'm already thinking about what to wear for spring and summer. I want pretty, colorful pieces, that epitomize a flowery feeling. I'm also looking foward to wearing my new floral Urban Outfitters dress without tights! This also goes with my many Forever 21 skirts that look so much better with bare legs.

Some things I would like to purchase would be a lightweight cardigan, and definitely a romper. A cute romper, to wear with a short sleeve cardigan to school. Oh, and a crazy pair of nice flats to dress up my very casual outfits. I hate looking like everyone else at school. (By the way, it's less abercrombie logos now, but still buzzing around. More like plain Abercrombie stuff or floral Abercrombie. Either way, it doesn't matter.) I would wear those shorts tucked into a tank top, with some gold necklaces, a pair of sandals, and a ruffly cardigan from J.Crew. Oh spring, how I love you soooo.

How perfect is this romper? I love it, and Lauren Conrad does too. It's more perfect by the fact that it's on sale for $30 at Urban Outfitters, and they even have it in my size, XS. So tempted..

I'm very tempted to steal these Balenciaga shoes from Barneys and save them for spring. They're perfect in every way. Well, besides the fact that I would look a bit ridiculous wearing to my my school filled with uniforms of Abercrombie. (Oh, drat! I've mentioned Abercrombie 3 times in this post- wait, make that number 4!)

Anyways, hope you have a great day, night, afternoon, or anything.
What are you looking foward to wear this spring?

xo Francesca

Monday, January 4, 2010

new years, netaporter, and jeans, oh my!

Happy new year & happy holidays !

I hope you all had a very lovely holiday and a great new years. I had a good time this year with my friends and family, and Christmas was good as well.

What are your resolutions? Mine are...
1. Stop procrastinating. (sure, francesca. good luck with this one.)
2. Mix up my outfits more. (actually possible!)
3. Be a little more different and try out trends. (yaayyyy)
4. Keep a semi decent journal. (making a work document with a password. writing is strenous.)
5. Stop procrastinating. (again, not going to happen.)

Overall, 2009 was a good year. I met tons of new people, really developed my style more, and enjoyed birthday parties, presents, and other people's parties. Plus, got all your wonderful comments. (Pstttt! They're free! Comment now! They're cheaper and almost as fun as buying a pair of riding boots... kind of. Not really. But please do comment!)

How great does Tavi look here? Her outfits are so inspiring and insanely interesting to see. I love her, and I wish we could be besties. She's so funny and smart! Check out her blog, style rookie, or else I'll eat you. No, really.

I love these. What's not to love about these? They're J Brand, easy to match with, and are only $43 dollars at net-a-porter. I would have totally bought them with some of my Christmas present money, but nooooooooo. With just my luck, they only have them in a size 31. Oh, the joy of being a thirteen year old fashionista. (Which reminds me... you know the clique? That book series? How the heck do all those girls fit into Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs, and YSL?)

Otherwise, though, have a great night, morning, day, season, month, fortnight, year, and more! Be daring, be chic, have fun, fall in love, steal Lady Gaga's pants, dance in a street, sing, and live your life. I can't wait to start 2010 on a good note.

- love always, francesca