Sunday, June 28, 2009

The September Issue.

Anybody who reads Vogue, or even Teen Vogue knows that September is when possibly the best magazines come out for the whole year. Vogue is known for making a hee-ugee issue every September, chockful of beautiful advertisements, many editorials, special interviews, and everything you could dream of. September is like the holiday season for magazines.

This documentary, which comes out on September 11th, is all about Anna Wintour, and her being one of the most powerful women in the fashion industry. As the editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna "decides what's in", pulls of sunglasses indoors with ease, and is besties with major designers like Karl, Jean Paul, and Oscar. She is just so fabulous!

I can't wait for it to come out. I will definitely be in theaters first to watch this!

What about you, dear reader. Will you be there for Anna?

Stay haute!
xoxo Francesca

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Wishes, and UPDATES.

Here are a bunch of things I wish I could be wearing for summer!

Stella McCartney Organic Cotton T-Shirt, $ 495.

This tee is so beautiful, the whole clouds collection is so whimsical and cute!
I can imagine myself wearing it with a big Ralph Lauren belt, and denim shorts.

Catherine Malandrino White Cotton Camisole, $ 325.

I love the buttons that go up, and the detailing along the bottom is gorgeous.

So airy, and perfect for the summer heat.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Primrose Garden cotton sundress, $ 430.

The print is just darling, the bottom is fabulous, it's airy and great for summer, what could possibly be wrong with this? Oh, wait. The price. ):

Theory Linen-blend shorts, $ 160.

Love the color, and the one pocket thing is actually kinda chic!

Hey, for all of you make up junkies, can you help me?
I want to purchase a Mac lip glass & Mac eyeshadow, but I have no idea what colors.
For the lip glass, maybe a bright pink. But I'm totally stuck on the eyeshadow.

I want the eyeshadow to be some-what practical, at the least,
but also good for the stage because I am a musical junkie [;
Any help?

And by the way, I totally forgot to tell you;
I'm going on vacation in Vietnam for about a month!
I'll be in Hanoi, the capital, and the beaches as well.
I'll still have internet connection, but won't post as much.

xoxo francesca ♥

Monday, June 15, 2009

YSL; Resort 2010

The Resort Colections for 2010 are simply fabulous. Everything is classic, fresh, and just so darn gorgeous.
Of course, the usual favorites include Chanel, Marc Jacobs, etc. But this year?/ My personal favorite is most definitely Yves Sait Laurent.

The brand Yves Saint Laurent has been through a lot in the past years. After shutting down in 2002, it survived from it's parent company Prada. It is no longer a fashion house, but still a wordl-reknowned brand for it's modern elagance and dazzling pieces.

Some of my favorite outits from Resort 2O1O Yves Saint Laurent;

I love the dress, nice for night time. The shoes and belt are also just divine!

The detail on that dress is so divine! With a nod to the 30's, it also has a hint of modern day fashion from the accessories.

I love how the collection has a range of outfits. From casual day wear, to night time wear that oozes confidence, this collection is the best. This number is nice for day outside, at a luncheon or picnic.

Genius! Super classy and super chic, perfect for the office in summer.

My oh my, how can my heart possibly handle that trench coat? Mixed with the chic leggings, ankle booties, and large bag, this is surely great for the rain. Although I do think I'd freak about getting a Yves Saint Laurent trench coat wet.

[Photo credit to]

Thanks for reading!
What do you think of this line?
Do you have any other favorite Resort 2O1O collections?

stay hautee!
xoxo Francesca

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is so gorgeous. She is currently gracing the cover of Yo Dona, a spanish magazine. By the way, who else is pumped for Harry Potter 6; the Half-Blood Prince? I am! Unfortunately, I'll be in Vietnam when it premieres, so hopefully I can watch it online or something. Man, I've always loved the books and movies to death; I read the 7th book in a couple of hours!

And also, I am loving her Burberry ads. This is a little late, but I felt the need to mention it because she is such a gorgeous girl, and perfect for their haute couture.

What do you think of Emma Watsons newfound modeling success?

` stay haute!
xoxo francesca


Saturday, June 13, 2009

It doesn't get classier than this, ladies.

Yay! Today I went to one of the best of the best; New York City!

First, I stopped to do some good 'ol outlet shopping at Tanger Outlets. They had a hee-uge stores, with pretty great prices. My absolutely favorite? J. Crew! Their J. Crew had dirt cheap prices, with 7 dollars scoop-neck tees, 5.00 hair accessories, 20 dollar pencil skirts, and so much more. Unfortunately, I didn't get anything because of the time, but I did plan to recreate a future outfit.

I think we all become inspired to buy a super-classy wardrobe, dye (or keep!) our hair a luxurious shade of brown, and become slimmer than slim.

Some things I did buy though...
* A blue madras skirt from Tommy Hillfiger Kids
* A Juicy Couture "I Heart Juicy" Tee
* Purple AE Floral Tank Top
* Burnt orange Aeropostale polo
* Baby pink Aerie jacket

I know, it's not lot compared to the lovely couture we all dream of, but I'm only 12; I still have time for my Diane von Furstenbug, 3.1. Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler, and Marc Jacobs.

P. S. I am loving brie cheese on crackers, white Lindt chocolate, and Elle's latest issue with Megan Fox!

Have a great night, guys.
xoxo Francesca

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while, I was pretty busy with school and other things. Oh, and as I'm writing this, I'm kind of sick. But I'll be back to school tomorrow. By the way, this is pretty random, but I am in complete love with school supply shopping! Call me weird, but I just love the feeling of it, for some reason. It's one of highlights of my summer, and I just adore it. Sorry, had to get that out!

And special news; [well, at least for me!]

I got gladiators!

So maybe they're not my absolute perfect dream ones, but they were only 2O bucks so I'm content with them. They are pretty comfortable, and I got lots of compliments. They're from Old Navy; I discovered that Old Navy has a pretty darn FABULOUS shoe selection!

I gotta jump now. See you later!

xoxo Francesca <3