Monday, October 27, 2008

Dancer Chic?

Why not? And it's not like you have to go all the way..
Cardigans, shrugs, skinny jeans, ballet flats, sweaters, leggings, headbands.. there are tons of possibilities! Can you believe it?

BASiC OUTFiT;; (Choose one from each list)

-Cardigan with tank top
-Shrug with tank top
-Minimalist tunic
-Simple long sleeve in great color.

-Leggings (certain outfits only)
-Skinny jeans
-Denim skirt with leggings

-Real ballet flats (The soft kind)
-Converse. It's breaking the rules, but can work if you wear it right.

-Buns, messy or neat.
-High ponytails
-Braids, with poof at the top
-Skinny headbands in metallics

-Lots of beaded bracelets, jewel tons please! You can find them at Forever 21
-Delicate silver necklaces with small charms. Layering them is lovely.
-Small brooches

Example- I could wear a brown cardigan with a pink tank top under. Pair that with dark wash skinny jeans, silver flats, a silver skinny headband, and a navy scarf. Here is an example of dancer-chic.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fabulosity Everywhere!

Here's a project that takes... 15 minutes tops with an amazing outcome. Given!
Here's a little D.I.Y. school supply project that will leave everybody gawking.

-Flat backed gemstones, found at Micheals.
-Something that needs to be given a make over. (Folders are the best, but just about everything relatively flat works, like binders and notebooks.)
-Liquid glue. (Elmer's is fine!)

1)Take your school supply. In this case, I will be working with a composition notebook. Lay it out on a flat surface, like a desk.
2)Take all of your gems, ribbon, sequins, and lay them out in a cute design. Some ideas;
*Place ribbon all the way from the top to the bottom, and left to right. Have them meet in the bottom or top right-hand corner.
*Place gems in random order
*Put clusters of sequins around.
*Make a "star" by arranging sequins around gems.
3)Once you are happy with your designs, start glueing them onto the thing you are working with. Be careful to not use too much glue, or else you'll end up with slightly sticky fingers!
4)Let fry overnight for best results.

Voila! You have yourself the most adorable little thing ever. =]

One more tip; Micheal's sells ribbon for a dollar a roll, which is pretty long. Stock up on some, you can use them for crafts, as well as hair decorations. Simple polka dots look absolutely fab in long hair, and can really add an extra BAMM to your outfit.

Love you guys! Please comment for me, and have a BAMMTASTIC day ;)

Love Lots,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cool Finds

Didn't feel like making much...
here are just some cool stuff I found at Forever 21.

This necklace us haute. I am totally loving the vintage feel. 4.80 dollars

Adorable. Okay? Pair it with a long cardigan, tank, leggings, and flats, (or Converse) and you have yourself the most romantic outfit. Ever. 5.80 dollars, also comes in creme and black.

Absolutely amazing. If I were from the 1880s, I would pair these babies with a long evening gown and a simple messy updo. These are wicked gorgeous. 4.80 dollars

Sorry for the short post.
Love you guys<3

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time to Take Advantage!

If you've walked into a store like abercrombie or hollister, you may have noticed that most of their sale stuff is made of adorablee camis that no one wears anymore....

That's what you think.
I went to hollister and bought lots of them to wear over stuff!
It may look a bit weird, seeing a cute floral babydoll cami over a plain tee, but that's how I'm wearing my summer camis. In fact, lots of girls started doing that at my school.
(What can I say, trendsetting is my passion ;])

At abercrombie and hollister, almost all of their special babydoll camis are around 10 dollars each, which is totally good. Here are some, not from this season exactly, but might be.

The Jordan, 12.90 from abercrombie.
Also comes in navy and yellow!
[I absolutely adore this cami, do have any idea how freakin adorablee it would look with dark wash straight leg jeans? Plus, green is the new purple.]

The Elaine, 9.90 from abercrombie.
Comes in yellow too!
I am loving this, it looks adorablee and nautical. My favorite.

Balboa Island, 9.90 from Hollister.
Comes in navy too!
This is too too adorablee, I love the design. The straps, fit, and babydoll! This would look fantastic with a white longsleeve!

Ponto Beach, 11.90 from Hollister
Also come in navy, pink, and green.
Love it, the little bow is a definite 10 on the cute scale.
Love the design as well<3

Pin Tuck Tank, 11.95 from American Eagle.
Super adorablee. Classic looking. Hawt.
Must I say more?

Before I end this post, I would like to say wearing basic longsleeves or elbow length shirts is a definite yes, no exceptions. Unless you want to walk around being made fun of because you're the freak wearign all summer clothes, go ahead. But I happen to think it would be much nicer to get compliments on your tanks, while looking stylishly ready for fall.

And I also need to stress this- wear your tanks ONLY with plain basic colored shirts under. That means no cloud, zebra, polka dots, or stripes. No exceptions.

Ciao girls =]

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Scarves are love. Remind me to go get some more soon =]
Here's one I realllly like!

Summer scarf, comes in a million other colors! [5.50]

1- It's has great color. There's the pink, but then it has gold accents! How cute is that?
2- Will make every outfit looks amazing. Classy!

In and Out...

I agree. Not following trends and being yourself is important.
But... would you wear a striped poncho? Even if it is years outdated?
(Tis true. Please throw your ponchos out.)

Smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry..)

American Eagle
Vitamin Water

Sunday, October 5, 2008

color; purpleee! cute trendy color.
brand; abercrombie as usual
songg; please be minee (Jonas<3)>
place; beach house.

cause; change for the children
sport(s); cheer! (About to help little sis)
perfume; Vera Wang Princess surprisingly.
makeup; c.o. bigelow magenta
mint shinee.
party; mine'ss ;]

restaurant; John's Pizzeria NYC
place to hang out; Arianne's place(:


Here is the super cute, super cheap, and super well fitting ffor all body types in teal.
(From dELiAs*, as shown from my last blog.)
Sells for 19.99 dollars.

Next, add a tank top under in a color that looks good with the cardigan. I chose a royal blue color, which is in the same green/blue family as the cardigan. Make the tank simple, because the sweater is what we're really focusing on.
(AE Boyfriend Tank for 15.50, buy one get one 50% off)

Skinny jeans are a must. It totally balances out the flowyness of our cardigan, and looks classic, cute, and trendy.
(Abercrombie, 50 dollars-ish.)

To complete the outfit, flats will looks perfect, but boots and Converse will do depending on your style. Headbands and bracelets are also good, in jewel tones.

Commenttt =]

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cardiganss- Quick Post

Heyy guys. I wanted to post something, so don't expect too much =]

As you may know, I've been falling in love with cardigans.
Here are some adorable ones that I've seen, that you can buy yourself
and will not break your piggy bank.
(I'm giving the link if you want to buy the item.
And if you do, go to the right of the page and you'll see where you can buy it.)

Alloy Boyfriend Cardigan, 29.50-31.50
Comes in 6 different color, like black, yellow, green, ivory, etc...

Womens Tie-Front Cardigan, 29.50
Also comes in a black =]

dELiAs* Cece Pointelle Sweater, 19.99
Also comes in a bright pink color. This is adorable, I want to buy it myself<3

Byyyeee =]