Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time to Take Advantage!

If you've walked into a store like abercrombie or hollister, you may have noticed that most of their sale stuff is made of adorablee camis that no one wears anymore....

That's what you think.
I went to hollister and bought lots of them to wear over stuff!
It may look a bit weird, seeing a cute floral babydoll cami over a plain tee, but that's how I'm wearing my summer camis. In fact, lots of girls started doing that at my school.
(What can I say, trendsetting is my passion ;])

At abercrombie and hollister, almost all of their special babydoll camis are around 10 dollars each, which is totally good. Here are some, not from this season exactly, but might be.

The Jordan, 12.90 from abercrombie.
Also comes in navy and yellow!
[I absolutely adore this cami, do have any idea how freakin adorablee it would look with dark wash straight leg jeans? Plus, green is the new purple.]

The Elaine, 9.90 from abercrombie.
Comes in yellow too!
I am loving this, it looks adorablee and nautical. My favorite.

Balboa Island, 9.90 from Hollister.
Comes in navy too!
This is too too adorablee, I love the design. The straps, fit, and babydoll! This would look fantastic with a white longsleeve!

Ponto Beach, 11.90 from Hollister
Also come in navy, pink, and green.
Love it, the little bow is a definite 10 on the cute scale.
Love the design as well<3

Pin Tuck Tank, 11.95 from American Eagle.
Super adorablee. Classic looking. Hawt.
Must I say more?

Before I end this post, I would like to say wearing basic longsleeves or elbow length shirts is a definite yes, no exceptions. Unless you want to walk around being made fun of because you're the freak wearign all summer clothes, go ahead. But I happen to think it would be much nicer to get compliments on your tanks, while looking stylishly ready for fall.

And I also need to stress this- wear your tanks ONLY with plain basic colored shirts under. That means no cloud, zebra, polka dots, or stripes. No exceptions.

Ciao girls =]


Kerrie said...

how do you get a pic on your blog??

Stacy and Casey said...

I like Hollister the most. Hollister is my fave store as of now!