Sunday, October 5, 2008

color; purpleee! cute trendy color.
brand; abercrombie as usual
songg; please be minee (Jonas<3)>
place; beach house.

cause; change for the children
sport(s); cheer! (About to help little sis)
perfume; Vera Wang Princess surprisingly.
makeup; c.o. bigelow magenta
mint shinee.
party; mine'ss ;]

restaurant; John's Pizzeria NYC
place to hang out; Arianne's place(:


Here is the super cute, super cheap, and super well fitting ffor all body types in teal.
(From dELiAs*, as shown from my last blog.)
Sells for 19.99 dollars.

Next, add a tank top under in a color that looks good with the cardigan. I chose a royal blue color, which is in the same green/blue family as the cardigan. Make the tank simple, because the sweater is what we're really focusing on.
(AE Boyfriend Tank for 15.50, buy one get one 50% off)

Skinny jeans are a must. It totally balances out the flowyness of our cardigan, and looks classic, cute, and trendy.
(Abercrombie, 50 dollars-ish.)

To complete the outfit, flats will looks perfect, but boots and Converse will do depending on your style. Headbands and bracelets are also good, in jewel tones.

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Chloe said...

Cool post! I was thinking to do a "How to..." about cardigans as well. I updated my blog with about 5 or 6 new posts! Thanks!