Tuesday, September 8, 2009

summer is out, school is in.

Can you believe it?
For many people, it feels like just yesterday we had gotten out of class. But sadly, that is not the case here. In fact, we just had a about 2 1/2 months of summer break. Away from the stressful school days, cramming for the unnecessary tests, overflowing drama, and stinky gym locker rooms. I hope all of you readers had a very enjoyable summer!

But school isn't a one-hundred percent bad thing. Everyone has been busy like a bee, going shopping for things! A school bag, some shiny lip gloss, and a hot dress for homecoming. (If you're in high school, that is.)

But just in case you aren't Chanel Iman, and you do have the occasional slip-up, just keep on reading for ways to tackle tricky situations, mostly at school.

Issue: What the heck am I wearing on the first day of school?!
Answer: Don't worry. If you haven't started yet, keep it comfy, cool, and sweet. Try a tank top tucked into a nice pair of shorts, with a light cardigan. Or, a pair of denim destroyed shorts with a J. Crew top. It's all about you this time!

Issue: UHHH. Make up help, please?
Answer: Just keep it simple. I can't stress how skanky and bad it looks when yo ucake on the eyeliner, like all the girls at my school do. Why not something nicer? A neutral eyeshadow, with some mascara, blush, and lip gloss will do. No need to take out the false eyelashes, non?

Issue: I have a party/dance/FNO. What to wear?
Answer: For the dressier ones, wear a glam dress. Forever 21 cocktail dresses are great for this. Add a cardigan if needed, and a pair of flats to dance the night away. Or socialize, for that matter! If you're going to a less formal ocacasion, try a pair of cropped jeans that are below the knee, but not full length. It does get awfully hot at these places. A simple tee works. Dress it up with some bangles. I wouldn't recommend necklaces, though, because they can get tres annoying when dancing.

Issue: I. Spilled. Sauce. On. My. Shirt.
Answer: For the year, try keeping a spare shirt in your locker. Make it something basic, like a plain pink tee. You could also use a hoodie for the longer months, although I'm not a huge fan of the look of them. Work the minimalist look, girl.

Issue: I have 3 tests, tomorrow, a quiz today, and a huge essay to finish. Help!
Answer: Work a little bit of each thing. Write a paragraph, study five pages from your text book, and then answer some prep questions. When you feel like you can't do any more, go drink something warm and calming. Then, get started again.

Issue: I'm just not happy with my... social life.
Answer: Think of Blair Waldorf. Not only is she one of the most popular girls in the entire city, she has outstanding grades and is involved in many extra-curricular activities that will benefit her in the long run. Grades are important, but it's also important to have friends. If you're not the most popular girl in school, it doesn't matter. As long as you're happy with your friends, life is good. If you want to make friends, just be nice to everyone! Giving a compliment also doesn't hurt, and help them when they need it. Just please don't be a suck-up. No one likes a suck-up.

Hope your school year is simply fabulous!

xx Francesca.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Marsey, a Vogue Intern

Let me introduce Marsey.
She's a fabulous 18 year old currently residing on the Upper East Side.
She interns for Vogue, and will be attending Parsons School of Design in the fall. (Keep in mind.. alumni include Marc Jacobs, Sophia Buahi, Lisa Mayock, Derek Lam, Narciso Rodriguez, and many more...) But really. Working in the same office as the people who make and create Vogue every month (ANNA!) is quite amazing. Lets give it up for Marsey!

F- Hey Marsey! Thanks for the interview. Now, I wonder, has fashion always been a dream of yours?
M- Fashion has definitely always been my dream. My mom worked in the industry and I grew up around it... so it's only natural that I would get drawn in by the industry. I remember drawing up crazy sketches when I was little and going through my mom's closet, putting myself in gowns that were way to big for me lol. I knew at a very young age that fashion was what I wanted... and I was determined to get it.
F- I can relate. How did you apply for your Vogue internship?
M- I sent in my resume and was really excited when I got my interview. I guess I impressed the interviewer and later, I got a call telling me that I got the job.
F- Fab! Now tell us, what does a typical day look like for you?
M- A typical day? It's really tiring lol. In the morning, I do the coffee runs... then throughout the day, I organize the Vogue closet, pack samples for photo shoots, and steam A LOT of clothes lol.
F- Many girls would still die for anything Vogue! Hehe. What about Anna Wintour. Have you met her?
M- I have met Anna but I've never had a heart to heart conversation with her. When you're working in an atmosphere like Vogue, everyone's always busy and always running all over the place. I've never had the opportunity to really talk to her... but I hope one day I will.
F- So do we. What about the movie coming out soon?
M- I personally can't wait for the movie... I think it's a great reflection of how the magazine industry really works.
F- Neither can I. Back to you, what are your future dreams?
M- You know, I don't know my future dreams yet. I've never been the type of person who planned out her entire future... I guess I'll see where destiny takes me. Hopefully, I'll stay in the fashion industry and actually get a paying job that I love. We'll see...
F- Hopefully at Vogue? (; What are some of your favorite trends or items for fall?
M- I love this question haha. I'm a big fan of ankle boots right now... I think they would come in handy in the fall. Also leather jacket... I love leather jackets, especially paired with a feminine dress. I just love to roughness aspect it offers.
F- Agreed! I adore the juxtaposition theme. Can you describe your style to us, and favorite designers?
M- My style... that's a hard one. I have a uptown style but mixed with a downtown vibe. I love wearing vintage and adding some modern pieces to it. I just love to mix and match... i would say that I have a feminine style but it's rough around the edges. My favorite designers are Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, YSL, and Rag and Bone .
F- Sounds tres chic! Now, do you have advice for young fashionistas?
M- I don't know if my advice will help lol but i think it's really important to have fun with fashion. I think when you love it and when you enjoy it, it will show. So instead of worrying about going into the industry and finding a job that involves fashion, just have fun with it. When you have fun with it, the opportunities will naturally come. Hope these answers are good :)
F- Thanks so much for you words of wisdom, Marsey. Good luck!

That's it for today, readers.

Marsey also has her own blog. You can find it here.

Thanks for reading!

xx Francesca