Sunday, June 14, 2009

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is so gorgeous. She is currently gracing the cover of Yo Dona, a spanish magazine. By the way, who else is pumped for Harry Potter 6; the Half-Blood Prince? I am! Unfortunately, I'll be in Vietnam when it premieres, so hopefully I can watch it online or something. Man, I've always loved the books and movies to death; I read the 7th book in a couple of hours!

And also, I am loving her Burberry ads. This is a little late, but I felt the need to mention it because she is such a gorgeous girl, and perfect for their haute couture.

What do you think of Emma Watsons newfound modeling success?

` stay haute!
xoxo francesca



13goingon47 said...

I think she's very down to earth and absolutely beautiful. She totally deserves it!

xx Lizzi

ana said...

Wow she looks great!!!!