Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Wishes, and UPDATES.

Here are a bunch of things I wish I could be wearing for summer!

Stella McCartney Organic Cotton T-Shirt, $ 495.

This tee is so beautiful, the whole clouds collection is so whimsical and cute!
I can imagine myself wearing it with a big Ralph Lauren belt, and denim shorts.

Catherine Malandrino White Cotton Camisole, $ 325.

I love the buttons that go up, and the detailing along the bottom is gorgeous.

So airy, and perfect for the summer heat.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Primrose Garden cotton sundress, $ 430.

The print is just darling, the bottom is fabulous, it's airy and great for summer, what could possibly be wrong with this? Oh, wait. The price. ):

Theory Linen-blend shorts, $ 160.

Love the color, and the one pocket thing is actually kinda chic!

Hey, for all of you make up junkies, can you help me?
I want to purchase a Mac lip glass & Mac eyeshadow, but I have no idea what colors.
For the lip glass, maybe a bright pink. But I'm totally stuck on the eyeshadow.

I want the eyeshadow to be some-what practical, at the least,
but also good for the stage because I am a musical junkie [;
Any help?

And by the way, I totally forgot to tell you;
I'm going on vacation in Vietnam for about a month!
I'll be in Hanoi, the capital, and the beaches as well.
I'll still have internet connection, but won't post as much.

xoxo francesca ♥


Cathy said...

I ♥ the dress and camisole!

BTW, have fun in Vietnam! Won't you be seeing a partial lunar or solar eclipse? Science teacher told our class :)

Francesca said...

Haha, yeah Mrs. G told a lawt of people! Thanks so much, Cathy!

Cynthia said...

That camisole top is adorable!