Wednesday, February 10, 2010

too much snow, not enough couture .

Goodness gracious,
what is with all of this snow? I can't believe it, I have about a foot and a half of snow where I live. Earlier in the day, I went sledding with my friends, and then we had a make up contest. In five minutes, we had to make a Lady Gaga look. I won. Oh yeah, I know.

Since there's so much snow right now, I think I'll be ironic and talk about spring fashion!
Well, hello gorgeous. There are MJ shoes like this that Lizzi from 13 Going on 47 showed me last year, in ironically enough, spring! They were more jelly like, where as these babies look like a suede-like material, with a sticky plastic-canvas material that only a genius shoe designer would know the name of. The Marc Jacobs were unfortunately, about a gazillion dollars, but these are $38! I think they'd look great with a simple outfit. Plus, not one person at my school will have them. Unless, of course, Marc Jacobs flys to our town to obviously meet his awesome fan Lizzi that has great style. Then, he'll give them to her, and I'll be forced to steal them.

Hey Thakoon Panichgul, you're wonderful. Awesome print top? Check. Colorful trousers? Check. Kick-ass shoewear? SCORE! This is such a great ensemble, I love the pop of the pants against the top. Plus, he obviously designed the shoes with yours truely in mind. Man oh man, me, him, Marcie-poooooo, Karl-dawg, and Lady Gaga would make a FANTASTIC group.

' by the way, that was total sarcasm. Karl is Karl Lagerfeld, not "dawg", and I'm nowhere as close enough to Marc Jacobs to call him that. Maybe one day, though...


going to go happy dance now,

xox francesca.


Fabi Talavera said...

love the color of those marc shoes.
follow please

JADOIRE said...

gorgeous shoes! Marc J shoes are just incredible, aren't they? *I've a pair of them and I can't stop talkin' about it sorry*. But, awesome shoes anyway.

Erin said...

I have about 3 FEET of snow where I live! I have school off for, like 6 DAYS! I like the shoes a lot. Not a big fan of Tavi, though. I find her a bit of a bragger. Plus tres undeserving.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Those shoes are so cute and colorful! Perfect for summer! xoxoxoxo

Bluefemme said...

The aqua shoes are fantastic!