Friday, January 8, 2010

dear spring, I love you and miss you. Kisses, Francesca.

How unbelievably perfect are these shorts?
Very, I tell you. AND PERFECT FOR THE MONTHS COMING UP, COUGH COUGH SPRING. (no, pshhh, this is soo not a hint to hurry up and come already!) I'm so sick of this dreadful winter weather and all this silly white stuff they call snow. It falls, it looks pretty, then it melts away and DIES. I'm sure I'll live somewhere warm in the future.

I'm already thinking about what to wear for spring and summer. I want pretty, colorful pieces, that epitomize a flowery feeling. I'm also looking foward to wearing my new floral Urban Outfitters dress without tights! This also goes with my many Forever 21 skirts that look so much better with bare legs.

Some things I would like to purchase would be a lightweight cardigan, and definitely a romper. A cute romper, to wear with a short sleeve cardigan to school. Oh, and a crazy pair of nice flats to dress up my very casual outfits. I hate looking like everyone else at school. (By the way, it's less abercrombie logos now, but still buzzing around. More like plain Abercrombie stuff or floral Abercrombie. Either way, it doesn't matter.) I would wear those shorts tucked into a tank top, with some gold necklaces, a pair of sandals, and a ruffly cardigan from J.Crew. Oh spring, how I love you soooo.

How perfect is this romper? I love it, and Lauren Conrad does too. It's more perfect by the fact that it's on sale for $30 at Urban Outfitters, and they even have it in my size, XS. So tempted..

I'm very tempted to steal these Balenciaga shoes from Barneys and save them for spring. They're perfect in every way. Well, besides the fact that I would look a bit ridiculous wearing to my my school filled with uniforms of Abercrombie. (Oh, drat! I've mentioned Abercrombie 3 times in this post- wait, make that number 4!)

Anyways, hope you have a great day, night, afternoon, or anything.
What are you looking foward to wear this spring?

xo Francesca


Cynthia said...

Those Balenciaga shoes are definitely fab.

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

Love all of it..but in this snow it's scarves and

Fashion Freak in Training said...

Love that romper. Want it. Spring would be nice, too!

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes!

EMiiGiRLY said...

I love the shoes :) the romper is too cute!