Monday, December 21, 2009

whaaaat's that? hermes you got there? pffffttttttt.

today during French class we were learning about the Chrismas activities the lovely French do. We watched this video of some icky tourist person around Paris, talking about the stuff they have. There were moments where he was talking about the French like small boutiques rather than the big obnoxious department stores like Lord & Taylor, with evil saleswomen who peer pressure you into buying that DKNY skirt. There was a moment of a group of VERYY chicly dressed women peering into an Hermes shop window. I found the picture online!

That was the store, but obviously, that is only one woman and she just has a black coat on. Durrrrr.

Me and my very chic and awesometastic french teacher started gushing over it, and talking about the cute miny Birkin bags and the pretty scarf we really needed. Man, I love her. She's so fun and nice to talk to!

But yeaaaaaaaahhh.

Just thought I should share.

(xo) Francesca

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Emily said...

Haha In my french class we did the exact same thing! Was your icky tourist a weird guy with ill fitting pants?