Friday, December 11, 2009

chic gifts for the chic darlingg.

holy noodles!
holy french fries!
holy shizz!
holy glitter!
holy muffins!
holy hotcakes!
holy confetti!

However you may be or surprised or however you say it, Christmas is coming up in 24 days. whoahhh. I know. Where has time gone by?
So if you're like me, and still have to buy some presents for people, I hope this is going to help.

you know 'em aand love 'em. the girl who is always looking gorgeous, with perfect make up, and a certain poise. plus, she's an invidual with a great fashion aesthetic. what to get ?

- make up !
although somethings, like blemish concealer could be quite offending, most make up items work. a surefire hit is a lip gloss, the universal make up gift. you can get a nice high end one, like Dior, or choose a drugstore version and buy either more or something else. Other things that are great to buy for make up- eyeshadow pallettes, especially the Coastal Scents 88 Color palette, or blushes. I'm especially fond of blushes, because they give your face a fresh burst of color.
**NOTE** a great website for beauty-licious STEALS is

YSL Eyeshadow Duo- retails for $45, but on beautyticket? Only $19.99!

- the little chic notebook
Every fashionista should have a little notebook. It can be to make lists of her favorite fall collections, or a wishlist of things to do next summer. Nowadays, so many places have cheap yet adorable options. My favorite place would be Target. With a great school supply selection, you're bound to find something adorable.
On the other hand, how cute is this Coach planner?

- a scarf .
I can't tell you how much I would love it if I got some scarves for Christmas. Even if they aren't the silky Hermes type, who cares?! It's cold as heck outside, and right now warmth beats fashion by a longgggg way. Unless someone actually buys me one... But anyways, scarves are great because anyone can wear them in million of ways, and they are actually useful. Plus, no worrying about sizes! I like Forever 21 scarves a lot, for they are cheap AND chic. brava!The perfect scarf. Warm cute cheap chic adorable AND all of the above.

some misscaleaneous ideas ;
= slippers and Godiva hot chocolate equals cozy and warm.
= don't get a spa at home kit thing- tacky and really should be the individuals choice.
= shirt from their favorite store- especially if the store is far away, it shows that you listen & care.
= a book or magazines.
= a perfume they especially gab about a lawt.
= album of photos from good times. <3

Have a lovely holiday!
xoxx Francesca

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