Sunday, May 24, 2009

absolute madness.

I've been is such a blogging mood lately !

Old Navy celebrated Memorial Day Weekend along with the rest of us by having a nice sale.. All solid-colored flip flops were only $1 ! What a nice deal, especially with summer coming along. (The inner economic geek in me is saying; "only $1?! That means they only cost about 25 cents to freaking make ! Bahhh!". My dad laughed at this...)

I came a little to late. Of course, by the time I was there, they only had poo-colored flip flops. Poop. Or if they had actually decent flip flops, they were a million sizes too small or big. A nice lady did give me her light pink flip flops though ! How thoughtful of her. They are a tiny bit too big, but I'll grow into them. Did I also mention the lines? Why, the lines went to the back of the store. My smart and patient father waited in line (without anything in his arms, as to the amazement of the other flip flop hoarding customers) while my sister and I looked for flip flops. It was terribly hot, stuffy, and loud as well. I heard in other towns, some people camped out the night before. (For freaking Old Navy flip flops? I'd rather wait for the sale to went and by them for 3.50!!!)

I still need to find the perfect gladiator sandals.
I was going to get some for this Roman Oral Essay Project we have in school this week, but I guess I'll just have to keep praying a nice, stylish, chic, comfortable, and not-too-expensive pair will come my way. HELP?!?!?!

stay haute.
xoxo Francesca ♥


xolaxgrl4evakag said...

about the gladiator sandals-
i have no idea where to get them.
unless you're visiting rome.
my parents made me wait to buy in italy a pair because they are famous for their leather.
i found a page with cute sandals-but they're sort of fancy. i just have a classic plain brown pair to wear with everything. the sandals are pretty good prices, and you don't want to spend your money on cheap pair.


Cathy said...

The flip flops were really hard to find! I went to the sale too. It was really hard to find any good bright colored flip flops in my size. They only had the humongous ones or the ones that were too small. I would have got like 6 but I couldn't find a good lime green that was left or a yellow. And a yellow would have matched my cover up for the pool! UGH! lol
wow...this comment is long.

Belle said...

I need gladiator sandals too! The ones I find they never have my size *cries*
Cute blog darling! Thanks for coming by mine xx

Anonymous said...

Next year, go 2 Old Navy During winter. This year they had a lot of bright flip flops. Or you can order them online whenever. :D Rebecca

lizzi said...

Awesome!!!!! When are you going to wear them?

And Target and Payless have a lot of cute and affordable gladiators! And they are a lot better quality than some other places!

Keep on rocking. ;)

CoutureChic! said...

omg american eagle had the CUTEST gladiators!! CHECK THEM OUT!!

Cynthia said...

Sandals! I got mine from Nordstrom on sale, though they aren't really that gladiator.