Friday, May 22, 2009

The Casual High Waisted Skirt; an introduction.

What is the casual high-waisted skirt? No, it's not the black pencil skirt that women in business wear... it's the new summertime favorite of mine! I'm loving it right now. I recently purchased a yellow and cream casual high waisted skirt from Forever 21.

This is my skirt. It looks a little odd in the photo, but on a person with my figure, (slightley bigger than normal hips, long legs) it looks pretty darn adorable. I got many compliment today when I wore it with a plain white tee and a crystal heart pendant on a black leather string. The skirt is so easy to pair with a everyday outfit; just reach for a plain tee, & fabulous sandals or flats. Then, finish with chic hair, like a poof, or a bun, & add some fun accessories. See how easy that was? You'll still get a fun and comfortable outfit to be in all day.

This skirt is also really nice. I just might go out and buy it. And at about $15.OO dollars, it's pretty great! Reminds me of something Alexander McQueen would design.

What do you think of these skirts? Do you already have a couple in your closet? Comment with you opinions, questions, and anything else that floats your boat.

xoxo Francesca


lizzi said...

Your skirt was cute :)
It'll look even better when you get your dream sandals :)

Stacy and Casey said...

hahaa ya I love both of those skirts. I ordered an outfit from that includes a high waisted skirt and a tank. I think it'll be at my house on tuesday.

Cathy said...

I love them both!
I really need some miniskirts for summer because have none :)