Sunday, April 26, 2009

50th Post!

Yay [: CasuallyCouture has finally reached 50 posts!

Here's something cool I thought up...

How many of you want to act more like your favorite star? Be more like Miley, Leighton, the Olsens, Ash, ecetera.. Here are 10 ways you can.

1. When outside, wear sunglasses as much as possible. Ash Tisdale & the Olsens? Point taken.

2. Have and frequently use a Twitter. The number of celebs getting Twitters nowadays isn't even funny.

3. Have random obsessions you talk about. Demi loves John Mayer, Miley has pilates.

4. Hide from the paps. So maybe you don't have annoying people following you around all day, but get away from busy crowds at school and/or work.

5. When out, dress casual, but still cute. I love seeing pictures of celebs out at Starbucks, dressed casual comfy, but still adorable.

6. Keep your love life private. Zannessa is a fabulous example. They say "our relationship works because we keep it quiet." Awhh!

7. Have a couple of favorite charities. I like Unicef, personally. Bono loves being eco-friendly!

8. Have a signature item. The Jonas Brothers love their skinnies & Wayfarers.

9. Keep in touch with your "fans". In most cases, your friends, family, & anyone else.

10. AlwaysalwaysALWAYS be confident. 99.99% of anyone who's anybody in L.A. & NYC are confident, happy people. That's why they succeed in life.

Comment you wonderful people!

Betsey Johnson is having a fabulous sale. 25 % off everything, besides accessories, intimates, & swimsuits... here you go. It ends .. today though. Tee-hee.

xoxo Francecsa ♥


Très Belle said...

omg i am inlove with john mayer too:)
BTW happy 50th post:)

Lizzi said...

yay! 50th post :)

Anonymous said...

Question-- what exactly is polyvore?? i cant fingure out this website. HELP!!