Monday, April 6, 2009

all about C0C0 R0CHA

she is just drop-dead gorgeous, amazing, & extremely down-to-earth, from what i've seen in some interviews on she is a vancouver native, and it took her a whole year to try modeling; thank goodness, because i think she's amazing! she's beautiful, & i love how she's not terribly skinny like some models. . . anyways, here are some of her favorite shows (: credit: teen vogue!

Lacoste ; she said "I had a bit of arm candy following me. What else can I say?"
&& I agree [; love her smile, aand that's a nice pair of boots ya got there.

backstage at Zac Posen; they were promoting something..
she says she wishes it was like this all the time (:

John Galliano; she says, && i quote,
"This was one of the best shows. It was so different because instead of
walking down the runway we got to interact with the audience and
these Parisian street characters that were set around the room."

go ahead, kill me.
but today i am finally
getting a Teen Vogue
subscription (:

oh yeahh.


Lizzi said...

Guess who the next cover girl is?
Miley Cyrus!

I love Coco Rocha. Gorgeous & extremely classy!

Cathy said...

ooh haha i got my Teen Vogue subscription recently too! Friday to be exact! Was the Emma Roberts one your 1st magazine? Cuz i got a Taylor Swift one right before. Just asking.

Francesca said...

Lizzi; yeahh, i saw (: i'm so excitedd. i'm not super-DEE-duperr obssessed with her, but she's juts amazingg. [&& everybody makes mistakes, for all those people who hate herr.]

Cathy; & no, i'll be getting the miley onee [: ahaa she's amazingg!