Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Layout [& NEWS]

New Layout! What do you think of it? - Dear Lizzi, I am terribly sorry that I'm now using the same layout as you. I though it time for a change, & I liked this layout a lot... I changed the color though, so no hard feelings? [:
Anyways, yeap. Here's the new layout [: I am obsessing over super-casual day dresses to wear with cardigans during the spring & summer months... I found some nice ones at Urban Outfitters, one of my new favorite stores!

Silence & Noise Pocket Tee Dress, 38.00. also comes in other colors like purple, grey, & more. I think this would look fabulous with a skinny charcoal or metallic belt, grey suede boots that are scrunched at the top, and a giant bangle. I think the pocket on the side is just too cute, & overall, this would be a nice piece to add to your basics closet.

Silence & Noise Boatneck Tunic, 42
.00. This color, & a pretty ivory are my favorite colors this gorgeous dress comes in. [Also- black, & heather grey.] I just absolutely adore this.. you have no idea! The necklace that is shown with is pretty big, which is supposed to be a big trend. I'd wear this with either white short gladiators, or silver flats. Add a sleek clutch, that's jeweled, and you've got yourself a fabulous outfit!

Silence & Noise Coated Tunic, 32.00. Also comes in black, grey, & a very dark navy. I like this baby pink better though. I think my friend Lizzi [check out her blog!] has this in a mint green, but not 100% sure. Although you would have to have a killer tan for this, it's pretty darn cute. I'd wear this with jeans if I didn't feel comfortable having a slightley shorter-than-usual dress on me. And some bright navy flast, a la Lanvin on Net-A-Porter.
It's made of stretchy spandex though, so eco-maniacs; beware!

That's it for today. Remember to comment my loves!

xoxo -Francesca. ♥


Cathy said...

Hey Franny! Nice layout. I think I should change mine but I just made a new color scheme that I really like but maybe I'll change it to blue...

Anyways, I really like the 1st dress! I wanna get into dresses this summer too. I recently bought two, one from Aero and one from Old Navy. Purrrr-tyy :)

Lizzi said...

I don't mind about the layout ;)
No worries.

Cute dresses. As you probably know, UO is my favorite store of all times, so I absolutely adore all of them. I just got this wonderful headband there that I will wear probably in the next week, so you'll see :)

Actually, that style of dress is very similar to the one I own. I saw it there last time I was there and it looks so alike! Then, I saw the same style at another store (having trouble remembering, maybe it was F21?). I actually got mine from American Apparel (another one of my faves) in October, I believe. I fell in love with it at first sight and bought it. Actually, I saw in in the Teen Vogue issue with Vanessa Hudgens and went to the mall to hunt it down.

I think the dress would look good with black suede flat boots and a cropped leather jacket. That's just me ;)

I love all the other ideas!!!!!!! I love reading your blog, can't wait to read the next post.


Francesca said...

thank you all! hahaa. yo uare the only commented but i still love your comments! && lizzi- i want a leather jacket for fall badder then bad.. i like one vanessa wore in cosmo girl, august 2OO8 [:

Emma said...

I really like your layout, but this is the first time I've stumbled upon your blog. Those casual dresses are super cute! I like the last one, but I think it would be hard to pull off for some people because it is so..little!

Anonymous said...

you would like that last short pink one to show off the ass yo dont have