Monday, April 20, 2009

F.N.O. [what to wear?]

I need your help with something prettttyyyy important.

Well, out school has these Friday Night Out things- they're usually casual dances, but without the pressure of having to slow dance with a certain member of the opposite gender. We've had two so far- they were a hecka lot of fun. The only problem? They got VERY hot. And I mean extremely hot! With everybody dancing in an enclosed space [the cafeteria] I need something fabulous, glamorous, but still comfy and not involving too many layers. [So please do not suggest a sweater, shortsleeve, tank top, sweatpants, uggs, 2 pairs of socks, and leg warmer! [; ]

Any ideas? The theme is "Carnival" but I'm not exactly sure how I could dress like that.

I was considering my destroyed denim shorts. Cause I like them a lot!

What I Wish I Could Wear-

Elizabeth and James, $295

7 For All Mankind, $150

Emilio Pucci, $450

Phillippe Audibert, $440

grrrrr. i am mad that i am not a billionaire tycoon who is allowed to go on shopping rages, && buy anything wonderful and exquisite for themselves... [; don't we all, don't we all.

-xo francesca

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Cathy said...

Heyy! Honestly, How the heck are we supposed to dress in a circus theme?? Wear a hippie afro?? No, lol I'm probably gonna wear my new Aero casual dress.

Cathy said...

oooh and i LOVE the outfit that you wished you could wear!

Francesca said...

thanksies <33

Très Belle said...

thats a sexyyy bracelet:)

Anonymous said...

you are all over rated, short, ugly freaks who think they are so hot even though they ARE NOT. you all have no style. pop in a wall mart and get a frekin' t-shirt for 50 cents. you asses

Francesca said...

all I can say is that at least I can spell "wall mart"...

Anonymous said...

i did spell it right you dumbo

Francesca said...

now, no need to call me names. and the nerve to come back? tsk tsk. go to their website. it's wal mart.