Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Favorite Fall Bags

Ohmigosh! Fall is coming up, and that definitely calls for some new bags and totes to use, right? Well, whether you have 20 dollars or 200 dollars, here are some bags that I loved. They all come in a variety of different colors, pattern sizes, prices, and more. I hope you find you will love!

1) The Vera Bradley Tote
Vera Bradley is one of my favorite designers for bags. Their bags are all adorable, and they have things like pencils, make up kits, backpacks, and pencil cases in those adorable patterns x3
This bag is especially one of my favorites because I love the pattern, I adore big bags, and all together, it looks absolutely amazing. This pattern is called Java Blue, but my other favorites are the Peacock, Raspberry Fizz, and Mod Floral Pink. And the best part that it usually retails for around 50.00 dollars, because I think it used to be 70 dollars? I'm not completely sure.

2) The Juicy Daydreamer
Oh.Mi.God. This is one of the most amazing bags I have seen and fallen in love with in my entire
life. The fit, style, colors, and everything just looks supperr good together. It comes with a drawstring like top, and has a lot of charms with it. The one I showed you in the polyvore is my favorite color/style, although they do make other ones. I've even seen a green one! Anyways, I think this purse is really great. It has a TON of room, more than you might think it does. It's also really soft. The only bad part about this wonderful bag is that it is a bit pricey. The website eluxury.com sells it for 225 dollars, but you might be able to find it for a lower price at more stores. This bag is a good investment, because you can use for any season. I love this bag!

3) The Forever 21 Hobo
This one is really cute and perfect for the 3 M's. (The mall, movies, and more.) It is from Forever 21, a really popular store that sells so many things at low prices. The bag itself comes in
maroon and purple color, plus the navy color I showed you in my polyvore set. This bag could easily match with almost anything, anywhere. I'm thinking of going to the mall and buying this bag! The bag is also an amazing one to buy because it is very cheap- at the store,you can buy
it for 14.90 dollars. Add this bag to your fall collection now.

4) The Coach Bag
The moment I saw this bag, I fell in love with it. The colors is gorgeous, in a really eye-catching hot pink that is a new trend for the fall and winter season. The design of it is also amazing- I love how it's a plain bag, but the pockets are also really functional. It has 2 main compartments, so that is also a really huge plus for people who carry around tons of things :)
It's actually name is the "Leather Peyton" and it only comes in a silver color and the beautiful pink color I showed you in the polyvore set above. If I were the Coach designers, I would definitely consider making a new line of bright colors, like red.The gold metal buckles and more are a really great touch. The only thing I hate about this bag is that is is quite expensive. The Coach store sells it at 798 dollars, close to 800 dollars. Buy this bag if you actually have the money, and fell in love with it the moment you saw it.

5) The Wetseal Hobo
Yay, another hobo! This hobo bag is really chic and cute. The colors within the stripes are adorable, and easily matchable with any outfit. It reminds me a lot of India, due to the bright colors and sparkly gold finishes. This bag would also be perfect for the 3 M's, practically anywhere. It is from the popular clothing store WetSeal, that makes tons of funky and fun things like top, sweaters, and shoes. It has a reasonably good amount of space inside. And it is marked a very good price- only 24.50 dollars! I would love to be a proud owner of this cute bag.

6) The Dooney and Bourke Bag
Wow. Right? Just wow. This bag is definitely BAC. (Beautiful, amazing, chic) I would love to buy this, but I would need to save up quite a lot of money to buy this. Dillards sells this bag for around 345 dollars. I love the glossy black finish in the bag. It is mysterious, yet very Parisian chic. Qui? Qui? ;) The design is very elegantly simple, but definitely high fashion. This bag from Dooney also supports the 3 M's. The colors it comes in are a bright red that Dylan from the Clique books would love, a hot pink that is adorable, and the glossy black that I showed you above in my polyvore set. This bag may be pricey, but definitely worth trying to purchase.

I hoped everyone like my review on some new fall bags that are going to be very BAC this season. Please comment and subscribe if you haven't, and if you have any questions about my blog or suggestions, just drop me an e-mail at casuallycouture.gmail.



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i love your blog. (:

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ahaa thanks your is amazingg too =]

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too bohemian. you need some
neutrals or somehting. fall
reminds me of warm and soft
colors. they seem to tropical.
they are verry cute though <3

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