Saturday, September 27, 2008

Splurge or Save?

*You feel like a million bucks
*But it really did cost a million bucks...
*At least it wont fall apart!
*And it's also designer.

*You bought something amazing for cheap!
*Hopefully, we're talking about the price.
*You'll brag to your friends about how you got it at Target!
*But what if they don't like Target?

Here are some saves and splurges, in different items.
Splurge- William Sharp Swarovski Scarf for 490.00
Save- American Eagle Scarf for 20.00
Both are gray, shiny, and perfect fo
r cold weather!

Splurge- Juicy Couture Slouch Leather Tote for 525.00
Save- Urban Outfitters Plu
mage Tote for 58.00
Both are super vintage chic and slightly rocker adorablee =]

Splurge- Christian Louboutin Zou Zou Sandals for 695.00
Save- Matisee Trig in gold Sandals for 83.70 at
Both are glam, chic, and luxurious looking!

Splurge- Chanel Camillia Ring for around 360 dollars-ish
Forever 21 Flower Ring for 3.80

Thanks for reading everybody =]

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Lizzi Wyatt said...

nice post! I think you should do more of these splurge/spend posts. :-)