Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hair Tips =]

Haiiiiiirrr. It may seem like a far away thing you'll never master, but it's not like that.
Today I'm talking about hairstyles and tips for people with generally straight hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner-
I've tried a lot, but my all time favorite is Bath and Body Works. They make shampoo and conditioner pairs and amazing scents. There are tons to try, but I like Vanilla ones the best.
My hair routine- get shampoo and conditioner. Pour and put it in my hand, then mix into my hair. I let it stay in for 2 minutes or so, then wash it out really well.

If you do this, your hair should be pretty smooth. For good results, comb it right after.

Gawsh. If you're one of those people who look horrible with just their hair down, I fell your pain. I have to have my hair in some kind of style other than just... well down!

1)I love hairbands. If you have hair longer than your shoulders, I totally recommend stocking up and investing in a couple... a basic rule is that the longer your hair, the thicker the headband you can pull off. (But no. That does not mean that you can wear a super chunky one.) Claire's has some good ones for relatively cheap.. but you can definitely find them pretty much anywhere. All you do is make sure your hair is totally sleek and fine, take a hairband and brush your front hair up, and slide the headband on.

2) The poof is one of my favorites! It does take some practice though... all you need is a hair clip. Take a small-medium sized bunch of hair from the front of your hair, where your bangs could be, and pull it back. Twist 1-2 times, and clip in place. Thick haired girls will probably need to use 2 clips. Instead of hair clips, you can also use a hair elastic, or even bobby pins.

3) Braids are one of my favorites. I happen to think that anyone with highlights, whether natural or not, looks great in this style. To take it one more step higher, then I totally think adding a poof before you braid is amazingg. It's an adorablee and relatively easy look! Ashley Tisdale sports this look a lot, and never looks bad in it at all.

4)This is a combo hairstyle that I love to sport around school. Take you hair, and twist it around like a bun. Then, take a hair elastic that matches your hair color, and use it to hol the bun in place. I usually need to twist it around 2 times, but that depends. The hair should now be in a messy bun, with some hair sprouting out. Spray on some hairspray, (eco-friendly puh-leasee) and then slip on a headband if you want. This look is effortlessly easy, and super cute too.

Important hair products-
*Hairspray that DOES NOT AFFECT THE ENVIROMENT. Search online, and save the world.
*Bobby pins, to hold hair up. Very important!
*Hair elastics. Need I say more?
*Hair clips. In plain colors are fine, but why not go for a sparkly blue one? ;]


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HannahBee said...

I heart hte whole save the world thing!!!!!! I use Aussie spray in a spray bottle not an aerosole can.