Friday, September 19, 2008

Ohemgee. Trend?

Trend? NAY or YAY...

So.. recently at my school, there's been a big trend.
You wanna know what it is?
Well... it may shock you. But you better read it.
The new trend is tube tops over tank tops. Like, beach chic. Most of the girls are wearing it with scrunched top tube tops, and a contrasting color underneath. Recently, my fried Lizzi wore a pink abercrombie tank top with a blue tank top under. It looked cute, I guess. But I'm not a huge fan of this "new trend"

If I was forced to wear this trend, I would add some items to change the look.

First, I would start off with a great blazer/jacket, in preferably a neutral shade like brown. Second, I would add dark jeans, preferably skinny styled. Then, I'd finish it off with a pair of suede boots, a chic slightley boho headband, layered necklaces, and some lip gloss.

The end look? Couture bohemian with a hint of abercrombie.

Love it? Hate it? Tried it? Want to?
Comment and make my day.



fashionistabbyx3 said...

woah. i would never wear that.
but your version of it sounds
cute. just dont overdo the whole
bohemian thing. or try & dress
it up too much. remember, all trends
go out of style. thats where they
are 'trends' or 'fads'. and for that
matter. why even bother following the
trend. dare to be different.


Francesca said...

thanks i like your idea =]

Chloe said...

I updated my blog, come check it out! It's another How to... Keep posting! I Love your blog!

Lizzi Wyatt said...

Oh, lol I didn't really know it was a trend. I just wore it becuase.. well, I did. So, yeah. Keep blogging