Friday, August 29, 2008

Body Splashes

I absolutely LOVE body splashes.

On days when I feel kind of sick and not my best, I ditch my perfume and go for some Bath and Body Works body splashes. They have amazing scents, some are even better than those pricey 100 dollar ones. I always buy the travel size ones, because the normal ones are like HUGE. And old scents are nasttyy :] This blog will be about my absolute favorite scents from Bath and Body Works, from the ones that I've tried. (I haven't smelled them all!!)

This one is probably one of my favorites out of the entire collection so far. It is called "Irresistible Apple" and it smells so good! I honestly can't describe it, but the apple scent smells great. If anyone want to buy a couple of body splashes and start using the, this is a definite must buy.

Wow. I know this one is called Dancing Waters, and that that doesn't sound like a great scent, but it actually is. It's very simple, but definitely there enough to make a statement. It's also a great scent to use if you're looking for a signature scent!

Midnight Pomengrate is just absolutely fabulous. It smells really glamorous and classy. I use this one a lot, and I get compliments from my friends all the time. This scent is also extremely perfect for night time occasions, like parties, restaurants, the movies, and more. And I also ave a story to go with this scent... one I got the hand lotion in this scent, and I put it on at school. Then, this guy who sat next to me smelt it and he got all excited and kept begging me if he could have some... haha I did let him and now he's obsessed with it :)

Oh.My.Gosh. Warm Vanilla Sugar is amazing! I love using this in the daytime. It smells sweet, but not like-over-the-top sweet. It is the perfect scent for a warm and happy person, but for anyone else too. If you smell a lot of it, it smells exactly like some cookies. But it also has a hint (like, a really tiny hint) of some flowers. I love this scent!

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omgclique said...

hey i love ur blog! i saw it on!
i love those body splashes! i spray them in my room as a freshner sometimes 2! i love this old flavor "pear blossom"!

Francesca<3 said...

Thanks that scent is good!

omgclique said...

yeah i just went 2 bath and body works yyesterday

Chloe said...

OMG, your blog is totally like mine! Isn't that odd? Mine is
And is full of different things. Keep posting!