Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to Basics

Haha. Back to Basics was Christina's album.

But it's also the idea about what I'm going to write today. Sometimes, a lot us feel like we have absolutely nothing to wear. When you do feel like that, you can just pull together a ton of basic clothes to make a supercute outfit. [Not many people actually realize that though..] So here it goes. After you're done reading, please comment. Thanks!

Outfit 1) Get a your longest (from top to bottom) plain white shirt you can find. Short sleeves are good. Next, grab a pair of plain leggings, in either black, gray, or charcoal. Find a plain belt, and tie it on the top of your hips. Finally, wear your sunglasses it it's in the summer, and slip on a pair of flip flops or flats in white, or a color that matches your leggings. The final look is very downtown simple chic.

Outfit 2)Grab a simple colored tracksuit jacket. Juicy makes great ones, but you can match the designer style with a less expensive version. Wear a basic tank top in a non-showy color under. Add a pair of darkwash jeans. Finally, put on a great pair of flip flops or sandals.You get a very casual look that is still trendy and very comfortable.

Outfit 3) Wear a denim skirt, preferably in a medium-to-light wash. Now, grab a simple basic longsleeve that looks great on you. (I think Hollister has a lot of these) Think of the fit! Pair this with any type of shoes except for boots and heels. Wear this with a matching beaded bracelet. The end look is a simple but trendy feel, with a sprinkle of Parisian style.

Outfit 4) Grab a pair of dark wash jeans. Pair this with a plain white button down. Underneath, wear a very cute cami (you'll find out why) in a color that looks great on you. When you are wearing these tops, don't do any buttons on the shirt, and roll up the sleeves to your elbow. Finally, wear a pair of flats, mini wedges, wedges, or low heels that match your cami. And that's your look! Extra credit if you add a skinny hairband that matches your cami. The final look is girly nerd chic. Haha!

I hope you don't have any style ruts any more. And if any readers out there have any ideas, suggestions, or questions, just send me an e-mail at Ciao!

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