Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fall trends.

With fall comes change. The leaves become different shades, everyone moves up a grade, and it's a time where you can reinvent yourself just before school starts again. Plus, designers whip out new fabulous looks, witch turn into the hottest new trends.

This fall, the look can be described as rocker-chic, bold, and sophisticated.

Fall's big trends are-
exposed zippers *
tees *
motorcycle style *
distressed jeans
boots *
statement scarf *
denim shirts
and gold. *
(My favorites have a star next to them.)

These are an awful lot of trends to follow, so don't feel you have to be a slave to the runways. All you have to do is pick a couple you love and be done for fall!

Examples of my favorite trends-

Preen Line stretched cotton zipped skirt, $475
In the front, a display of zippers. On the back, 2 long zippers going around.
This would look great with a basic top, or simple tee (another fall trend!). In the winter, wear it with a longsleeve, tights, and heels or flats. It can be dressed up or down

Lanvin beaded cotton top, $500
Tees are easily dressed up or down. Wear it with skinnies for school, or take it out of town with a chic little black blazer. Forever 21 has so many that it shouldn't be a problem to find a couple for cheap.

Miu Miu leather biker jacket, $2,375
Quite expensive, but is fab. You can find cheaper versions at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.
Girl it up with a floral dress, like Demi Lovato.

Forever 21 Gambia Slouchy Boots, $26.80
Hey, for this price, and from the review I've heard, they are pretty decent quality and are fab! I went a few days ago with a friend to go Forever 21 shopping, and I tried on these booties. Worried about the quality, I hesitated and promised myself to come back. Now, I'm obsessed with them! They will match with everything, and are casual and chic.

Diane von Furstenburg 'Arcadia' Diamond Silk Scarf
Statement scarves easily make your outfit. Marc Jacobs was famous for his neon ones on the fall runways, which were bright and patterned. This scarf, by DVF, can easily be added to a simple dress to give it a chic air.

As for gold accessories, the list goes on and on, I won't even show an example. Most of you readers do have some form of a gold accessory, whether it be a delicated heirloom necklace or a pack of bangles you picked up from Target. Either why, it's so easy to incorporate this trend into your closet!

Thanks so much for reading. Comment back with stories, questions, whatever floats your boat.

Stay haute!
xo Francesca.


Marsey said...

omg omg omg I NEED that Lanvin shirt. I really do... haha. It's adorable. And those boots are just making me drool

Maple Sky said...

Hey do the boots run a little big or no?

Cathy said...

The shirt is cute! Love the leather jacket but expensive!!! LOL :) We have to hang out when I get back! See you soon,

♥ C A T H Y ♥