Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back! From! Vietnam!

Well, I actually got back 6 days ago. Excuse my laziness!

Vietnam was great. I stayed in Hanoi, a less modern but still gorgeous version of NYC. My grandparents (maternal & fraternal) own houses there, 10 minutes apart. There's quite a lot to do- you can go shop
ping, watch movies, visit 5 Star hotel pools, go to the lakes, and more.

And yes, I did go shopping! Only a little, though. My best find was a cream Zara cardigan for approximately 12 dollars. I have yet to find a picture, but when I do, I will show you. It's perfect for wearing and matching over pretty much everything! Other great finds from Vietnam were jade bracelets, a pearl necklace, and about a million hair accessories.

If you ever go to Vietnam on vacation, I would be happy to tell you some tips and things to remember. But a basic summary...

* Try to go the the middle of the country, like Hue, Lanko, and Hoi An. For 11 days, my family traveled there for the amazing beaches. In Hoi An, we stayed at a 4 star resort that was amazing. Breakfast buffet in the morning, the beds are large, and every room has a gerat view. Plus, a award-winning spa, two fancy-schmancy pools, and a private beach! All for the price of 50 dollars a night. In New Jersey, that can get you a cheap motel.

* Learn how to walk by raging mot
or cycles, and call over taxis with ease.

* Be prepared to walk A LOT.

* Don't even think about wearing anymore than 2 layers of shirts.. unless you want to be hotter than the sun.

Picture from the resort's website of my room.

Nice for 50 dollars a night, eh?

Anyways, now that I'm back in America, I'm more inspired than ever to blog. I have about a billion new ideas, that you'll see soon!

xo Francesca.

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Cathy said...

Wow, that looks like a nice hotel room for only $50! I can't wait to see your cardigan! Sounds nice :) I'm glad you had fun!