Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to school so soon, darling?

Yes, as we all have been worrying about as our french manicures dried, school is coming back soon. For some of you unlucky people, you've already started- but for many others, school starts in about a week or two. Here's a checklist so you don't come running into school as the "new kid". (Even when you've been attending this place for years!)

1. Back to school shopping! Ahh, one of my favorite things to do. Make a long list, than go online, to your local mall, a major city, or the outlets, and do some good 'ol retail therapy. Buy basics, like jeans, v-necks, and tank tops, but also think about fall's trends. Teen Vogue, anybody?

"ohmygawd. what do you think?" (;
2. Develop good habits. Hey, party people- when school starts, you can be dancing until 3 am anymore! Start going to sleep early.
Drink something warm, and snuggle with your favorite magazine or book. No need for under eye circles, non?

yay for cucumbers.
3. Find the perfect bag! Even I'm still looking for one. Urban Outfitters has many options,
and various website do, too. I also like to check out my local Marshall's or T.J. Maxx.

you know you love it.
4. Get a back to school glow! Use peaches. Cut. Rub over your face. Let it soak in your pores while
you contemplate on what to wear on your first day of school. Plus, a little bronzer and highlighter wouldn't hurt.

We love peaches, yes we do, we love peaches how about you?
And that's pretty much all you need for a fab start.
Hope to see you soon!

Au revoir.
xx Francesca


Emma said...

I am a huge new fan of your blog! I have only just gotten back to keeping up with blogging, and am having fun reading your past entries.

Back to school has already begun for me, and those are some great tips!

The Fashion Enthusiast said...

This is an amazing checklist... lol. Back to school shopping is indeed the most important aspect..

Cynthia said...

Back to school shopping - one of my favorite parts of fall! (Though admittedly, I do plenty of shopping during the rest of the year as well!)

Francesca said...

Thanks so much. Shopping is fabulous (;