Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lusting after Louis.

Obviously, this is super old.
Like, ancient older than your tea loving,-lace wearing-curly haired-great-great-grandma-whoIdesperatelyhopeisNOTreadingthis.

But if DIANE VON FURSTENBURG is reading this, you're a cool woman. Wink wink!


Everybody knows that Louis Vuitton makes really awesome bags. Speedy 350, anyone? But in addition to clasic bags, their clothing lines are always super chic, trendy, and above all, FUN to watch. To remind you all, who are right now probably just lusting over the new Spring Ready-To-Wears [ADAM and Peter Som absolutely owned it!] think back to Fall 09.

The playfullness works wonders for an otherwise super sophisticated fashion house, but every single outfit is tied together and just.. CHIC. Must I say anymore?

I hope you have a newfound love for Louis Vuitton as much as I do, now.

One mistake? THIS.


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