Thursday, March 19, 2009

Marc[h] Jacobs Favorites (;

"You spin my head right round right round
when you go down, when you go down, down."


Hahaha. Notice the title (: [cough LIZZI!]


Music genre- Hip-Hop, with some Pop thrown in.
Girl singers-Taylor Swift all the way this month! with some LADY GAGA thrown in toooo.
Guy singers-Jonas Brothers... of course ♥ but COLY O'DONNIS IS PRETTY SMEXYY. (
Color- Teal, as usual, but extremely vibrant oranges too. & gorgeous yellows.
Movie- THE JONAS BROTHERS 3-D MOViE! It was amazing!
Actress- Natasha R, in honor of her death. Rest in peace.
Actor- Joe Jonas (;
Model- Coco Rocha! Loving her lately <3
Song- Right Round, & Just Dance. Plus Gives You Hell.
Crush- Strudle.. but he's dating.. "Diaper" [just kidding]
Flower- Sunflower.
Place- Home. Home. & Home.
Ice cream- Ewwwie. Popsicles are soo better (:
Drink- Apple Juice. Frozen. Oh yeahh.
Food- Toretellinni... plus Raviolli.
Make up- Pink C.O. Bigelow lip gloss
Clothing brand- J.Crew


Cathy said...

SMEXXY? lol okay haha and omz i luvvv sunflowers!!! it is actually my desktop backround right now lol!

Lizzi said...

Marc Jacobs = beast.

Tortellini! That's always mine.
JB3DEX. WHOA DUDE! Always awesome.
Hmmm... what about Jack Johnson? Hehehe.

XOX. Lizzi

Anonymous said...

o em gee
go jonas brothers!