Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A new custom?
Who knows.. maybe!

Music genre-Country.. Taylor Swift (:
Girl singers-Taylor Swift, Kinna Granis, Miranda Cosgrove.
Guy singers-Jonas Brothers... Jason Mraz.
Color- Teal, as usual, but yellow and orange too (:
Movie- THE JONAS BROTHERS 3-D MOViE! Comies in about 2 weeks (: But if we're talking a movie I've already seen, then the Clique Movie. Been adoring it lately (:
Actress- Selena Gomez
Actor- Nate Archibald.. (; lol
Model- Giselle Bundchen
Song- Forever and Always, My Life W
ould Suck Without You
Crush- Strudle, but not a lot, and Poptart. Or as K. would say, POOPTART!
Flower- Daisy

Place- My bed. I've been exhausted and tired a lot.
Ice cream- Cookie Dough
Drink- Limenade
Food- Popsicles!
Make up- Pink C.O. Bigelow lip gloss
Clothing brand- J.Crew

Not a lot has been happening recently.
I'm just super tired, and dying to go shopping. lol

I'm still ecstatic about getting a fabulous pair of shorts from Theory (:
Who knows Filene? If I ever meet her, I will fall down to my knees and love her, praise her, and thank her for the wonderful pair of shorts I got. MUAH!



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Lizzi Wyatt said...

Jason Mraz = second fave artist after JAYYBBEEEE!